Alagaesia News #21: Eragon Game, New Reads

Christopher Paolini sent out his twenty-first Alagaesia Newsletter earlier today, first thanking fans for his happy birthday wishes. Christopher goes on to discuss the Eragon video game, which hit shelves on November 17th. Christopher and a friend beat the game together on co-op mode:

We beat every level and found all the hidden dragon eggs, which unlock extra content. One of the things that impressed me is just how much work the folks at Vivendi and Stormfront studios put into the game—from the orchestra they hired to record the music to the in-depth interviews they included. I usually played as Eragon, but I also spent time as Brom and Murtagh, both of whom have their own unique strengths in battle.

Christopher also talks about a book he checked out of the library, The Fortunes of Captain Blood, by Rafael Sabatini, and the cold and windy Montana weather. If you’re not subscribed to Alagaesia News, you can read the newsletter in its entirety on our archives page, and subscribe to the newsletter for free at