We Love To Wiki: Shur’tugal’s Inheritance Encyclopedia

Shur’tugal is proud to announce the release of our newest feature, the Shurtugal.com Inheritance Encyclopedia. The project, codenamed “PIE”, began in late summer, and has since been headed by Allie2. The encyclopedia runs on WikiMedia software – the same software found on the world-famous Wikipedia – which means that articles can be edited by anyone.

While this project is just in its beginning stages, with the foundation and base articles laid down, we invite every fan of Shur’tugal to visit the encyclopedia to read and contribute. The pages will only grow in number and lengthier in information if fans contribute!

PIE currently offers fifty-eight completed, edited articles, so that you can get a little insight on what the Encyclopedia looks like and what information it should contain. Once you get the basic idea of how things work, we invite you to begin writing your own articles or adding to the mass of articles we already have. We’re very proud to present this new addition of even more information to Shurtugal.com, and we hope that the fans will enjoy it even more than we do. The Wiki will continue to be moderated by our Wiki staff in the future for privacy and content rating safety.

A huge thanks to Shur’tugal Fan Fiction Staffer Allie and Shur’tugal Fan Fiction Administrator Lindsey, who both orchestrated this entire project, and to Tim, Jamie, Cate, and Tony for their hard work!