Exclusive VU Games Interview Released

Shurtugal is proud to release an exclusive interview with the producers from VU Games, the first of three exclusive interviews focusing on the upcoming Eragon video game, which hits shelves November 17th. These three members of the Vivendi Universal production staff sat down with Mike and Tim last week:

-Tim Ramage – Producer, VUG
-Ben Borth – Associate Producer, VUG
-Glenn Gregory – Brand Marketing

We had a great discussion, the final version of which is about 45 minutes long and attached to ShurtyCast Episode 16. Throughout the interview, VU answered many of the most pressing questions fans have asked about the game, and revealed many new bits of information.

Still to release in the following days and weeks are three additional podcasts. One of them beind a normal news discussion podcast, and two additional interview podcasts in this series. The first is with Amaze, the studio behind the handheld versions. Thanks again to Jack Walker, Director of Interactive Marketing at VU Games, for setting this interview series up with us. The second, a complete surprise, was recorded between Mike, Tim, and two special guests we hope to announce soon!

You can download the podcast here, and subscribe to ShurtyCast here.