Recap of Day One

I’m here in New York after a fun and exhausting day one of my trip to New York City. Here’s a small preview of the report I wrote up after my return to the hotel:

At 2:00 PM, I headed downstairs to the signing area thinking I’d beat everyone to the Christopher Paolini signing which was to start at 2:30 PM. Man was I wrong! There were already about 500 people in line. I stood in line behind a nice couple and a librarian and they immediately recognized me because of my site. It feels cool to be recognized!

There’s still another day of fun as tomorrow, I get to interview Christopher Paolini over lunch. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions, we had a hard time picking and choosing which ones to take! Be sure to look forward to the full reports from days one and two. Robert, one of the head staff members here, will be meeting up with me in New York shortly after the interview so we can gather things up for the site! I can’t wait until tomorrow to come!